New Works in CMC Library

New Works in CMC Library

January-April 2011


Works for Large Ensemble
Root and branch (concert band) / Stacey Brown
In the stillness between…(wind ensemble) / Brian Cherney
Casa Loma variations (concert band) / Alex Eddington
Dialectics (wind ensemble) / Brian Harman
San Marco (symphonic winds) / Henry Kucharzyk
Out of winter (concert band) / Michael Miller
Riverscape (concert band) / Phil Nimmons
Meditation and prayer (chamber orchestra) / Tawnie Olson
A Canadian folk medley (concert band) / John Palmer
A Canadian folk song suite (concert band) / John Palmer
From the hills (concert band) / John Palmer
3 vignettes (orchestra) / John Palmer
Tunnels of Moose Jaw (chamber orchestra) / Laura Pettigrew
One hundred years of fanfares (concert band) / Elizabeth Raum
Prelude for concert band / Elizabeth Raum
Quest and discovery (wind ensemble) / Elizabeth Raum
The labyrinth (string orchestra) / Abigail Richardson
Juba (concert band) / R. Nathaniel Dett, arr. Matthew Tran-Adams
A Northumbrian elegy (orchestra) / Elliot Weisgarber


Works for Soloist(s) and Ensemble
Duel for violins (violin, fiddler, orchestra) / Victor Davies
Canzona (cello, string orchestra) / Imant Raminsh
Cello concerto no.2 (cello, bass voice, strings) / Evgeny Shcherbakov


Works for Keyboard
Carnival evenings (piano) / John Abram
If you, too, are going… (piano, electronics) / John Abram
Sixieme sonate (organ) / Raymond Daveluy
Two-gether tunes (piano 4-hands) / Jean Ethridge
Renegade rag (piano) / Nicholas Fairbank
Variations on B-A-C-H (piano) / Nicholas Fairbank
Winifred’s waltz (piano) / Nicholas Fairbank
Finnegans quarks revival (piano) / Paul Frehner
Celebration (organ) / Ruth Watson Henderson
Menhir (Megalith II) (organ) / Sydney Hodkinson
Spanish romance (piano) / arr. Frank Levin
Suzanne un jour (harpsichord, electronics) / Tawnie Olson
Night rainbow (piano) / Heather Schmidt
Three meditations (piano) / Adam Sherkin
Three preludes (piano) / Adam Sherkin


Works for Strings
Buds (string quartet) / John Abram
Ghosts (guitar) / John Gordon Armstrong
Pas de deux (violin, cello) / John Burge
Cool mountain water (violin, piano) / Chan Ka Nin
5 melodies for solo erhu / Ron Hannah
Table at the Bushwakker (string quartet) / Elizabeth Raum
White Horse Inn by moonlight (piano trio) / Elizabeth Raum
Power play (cello, piano) / Thomas Schudel
The secret (cello, piano) / Thomas Schudel
Fourteen seconds (piano trio) / Andrew Staniland


Works for Woodwinds
Crystal blue persuasion (bassoon quartet) / Chan Ka Nin
Rondo for clarinet and piano / Jean Ethridge
As if I had wings (woodwind quintet) / Leila Lustig
The Falls (flute) / Leila Lustig
A mon seul desir (bassoon, piano) / Tawnie Olson
Freya (flute, piano) / Laura Pettigrew
Yu Lian (flute, piano) / Laura Pettigrew
Lupins (bassoon, piano) / Thomas Schudel


Works for Brass
Quartet for low brass (2 tenor trombones, bass trombone, tuba) / Derek Charke
Elegy for trombone and piano / Laurie Matthew Duncan


Works for Percussion
Prelude & scherzo (2 marimbas) / Michael Conway Baker
Love pounds (drum kit) / Todd Harrop
Drawings, set no.9 (percussion trio) / Sydney Hodkinson


Works for Mixed Instrumental Ensemble
A longing for joy (flute, marimba) / Kevork Andonian
Changing winds (flute, clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, euphonium, bass drum)  / Aris Carastathis
Shadow play (flute, tabla) / Jim Hiscott
Physalis (1 or 2 flutes, harp) / Laura Pettigrew



Works for Solo Voice(s) and Keyboard
A little wedding music (soprano, organ) / Istvan Anhalt
A summer day (soprano, alto, piano) / Ruth Watson Henderson
By the rivers of Babylon (treble clef voice, organ) / Leila Lustig
Navigating (soprano, alto, piano) / Leila Lustig
Minerals from stone (mezzo-soprano, piano) / Leslie Uyeda
One willow grows (soprano, piano) / Leslie Uyeda


Works for Solo Voice(s) and Instrumental Ensemble
Xenia (soprano, alto recorder, violin, vibraphone) / John Abram
Songs of innocence (soprano, harp) / Quentin Doolittle
Credo (medium voice, viola, piano) / Ron Hannah
A decade (medium voice, viola, harp, synthesizer) / Ron Hannah
Nightsong & Earthvision (soprano, violin, horn, piano) / Ron Hannah
Prologue (soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, violin, piano) / Ron Hannah
In the summer of flooding (treble clef voice, flute, cello) / Leila Lustig
Wild swans (baritone, woodwind quintet) / Leila Lustig
Three Canadian folk songs (soprano, flute, cello, piano) / arr. Leslie Uyeda
Concrete Toronto (soprano, tenor sax) / Erik Ross
Calamus 6 (soprano, cello) / Andrew Staniland
To dream again (soprano, flute, piano) / Nancy Telfer


Works for Choir
For everything there is a season (SATB) / Cheryl Cooney
Up the roof (SATB) / Cheryl Cooney
Gone home (SATB) / Ron Hannah
Songs from the Sanskrit (SATB) / Ron Hannah
Gentle Mary laid her child (SSA, piano) / Ruth Watson Henderson
God’s world (SATB, piano) / Ruth Watson Henderson
Nunc dimittis (SATB, organ) / Ruth Watson Henderson
O how lovely are thy dwellings (SATB) / Ruth Watson Henderson
Paths of a luminous Earth (SATB) / Ruth Watson Henderson
Peaceful, the wondrous night (SATB, organ) / Ruth Watson Henderson
A song for seasons (SATB, piano) / Ruth Watson Henderson
Spirit of delight (SATB) / Ruth Watson Henderson
Wind songs (SSA, piano) / Ruth Watson Henderson
Night’s carols (SATB) / Leila Lustig
Santa spirita (SATB) / Leila Lustig
Two ways of hearing a daffodil (SSA, piano) / Leila Lustig
What Awon forgot (SSA, solo voice, 2 flutes, guitar, drums) / Leila Lustig
The Cremation of Sam McGee (SSAATTBB, percussion, piano) / Kenneth Nichols
Chantez a l’eternel (SATB) / Tawnie Olson
Child’s play (SATB) / Tawnie Olson
O inexpressible mystery (SSAATBB, viola) / Tawnie Olson
The lure of the eyes (SATB) / Elliot Weisgarber


Mademoiselle Fifi (chamber opera in two scenes) / Ron Hannah
The loneliest piano (a story with music) / Paul McIntyre

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