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Shadow Catch: a new Noh-inspired Chamber Opera

December 2 & 3, 8:00pm,
December 4, 2:00pm
The Firehall Arts Centre,
280 East Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC

Tickets: $30/$18 available at (604) 689 – 0926

Shadow Catch concert poster

A new Noh-inspired chamber opera entitled Shadow Catch will premiere at the Firehall Arts Centre.  Music composed by Dorothy ChangBenton RoarkJennifer Butler, and Farshid Samandari. Libretto by Daphne Marlatt.

Using elements of Japanese Noh theatre under the direction of Colleen Lanki, and with music direction by Marguerite Witvoet, Shadow Catch recounts the dreams of a young runaway newly arrived in the city.

As the night progresses, he is visited in turn by the spirits of four troubled souls who once inhabited the area: the spirit of an old maple tree whose grove was decimated by loggers, a member of the brilliant Asahi baseball team whose players were sent off to Japanese internment camps, the madame of a 1920′s brothel who is haunted by her tragic past, and a roughneck policeman from the 1930′s who fell to corruption.

This is a story not only about characters from Vancouver’s historical and cultural background, but about the journey and transformation that must take place in order to confront one’s greatest fears and regrets.


For more information, please visit the Shadow Catch website, or the Vancouver 125 listing



December 2, 2011
8:00 pm
December 3, 2011
8:00 pm
December 4, 2011
2:00 pm

Call for Scores: 2012 Sonic Boom Festival of New Music

Call for Scores: 2012 Sonic Boom Festival of New Music

*** Featuring celebrated B.C. composer Owen Underhill ***

Vancouver Pro Musica invites any and all BC composers to submit new works for presentation at the 25th annual Sonic Boom festival. This event will be held March 21‐25, 2012 at various venues in Vancouver. Please see Schedule of Events for more information. Deadline for submissions is December 2, 2011.

Composer in Residence: Owen Underhill
Ensemble in Residence: Vancouver Brass Project
Guest Artist: Michael Murray, Pipe Organ

Categories of Submission:
• Sonic Boom welcomes all styles and media (whether acoustic, electronic, electroacoustic or interactive) and composers of all levels of experience are encouraged to apply. Composers can submit works in any of the four categories listed below.
• Composers are invited to submit a maximum of two works for consideration in categories A, B, C; however, please note that at most one work per composer will be selected from these categories for performance at Sonic Boom 2012.
• A composer may also submit one separate work in category D—Electroacoustic. Submissions in this category do not count against submissions in categories A, B, C. Therefore, it is possible for a composer to have two works performed at Sonic Boom 2012: one work from category A,B,C and one work from category D.

A) General Submissions
• Maximum Duration: 10 minutes.
• Number of performers: Works must be scored for 4 or fewer performers.
• Works featuring electronic/tape/interactive music should be submitted in the Electroacoustic Category (see D).
• Video projection is available.
• Proposals for mixed media (dancers, theatre, etc.), web‐based technologies, public art happenings, sonic installations, or other auditory new media works will be considered, but may be limited due to technical requirements. Please include extremely detailed documentation in any of these submissions to aid the selection committee in understanding the technical details of the work.

B) Vancouver Brass Project Submissions
• Maximum Duration: 10 minutes.
• Number of performers: Works must be scored for 5 to 13 performers using the following instrumentation: 4 trumpets (trumpets 1 & 2 in Bb/C/Eb or piccolo, trumpets 3 & 4 in Bb/C or flugelhorn), 3 french horns, 2 tenor trombones (1 with alto/euphonium available), 1 bass trombone, 1 tuba, 2 percussionists.
• Percussion available: 4 tom‐toms, snare drum, glockenspiel, crash cymbals, 2 timpani (26”=low Bb‐E, 29”=low F‐D), tambourine, bongos, finger cymbals, small bass drum, suspended cymbals, marimba, tam‐tam, triangle, wood blocks, cowbell, maracas, congas, timbale, Middle Eastern frame drum, djembe, axatse (gourd shaker), agogo bells.
• Submissions including additional instrumentalists will not be considered.

C) Michael Murray (pipe organ) Submissions
• Maximum Duration: 9 minutes (minimum 3 minutes).
• Number of performers: Works must be scored for one performer.
• Organ type: Three‐Manual Casavant Frères Organ. Manuals = 61 keys each, Pedal Board = 32 keys.
• Please see page 3 for full organ specifications and notice of organ workshop.
• Submissions calling for additional performers will not be considered.

D) Electroacoustic Submissions
• Maximum Duration: 10 minutes.
• Number of performers: Works may optionally include one live performer in addition to one electronics operator.
• Works in this category must include electronically generated or modified sounds; these may be pre‐recorded or produced as part of the performance, interactively or otherwise. A maximum of eight channels of audio for electronic/tape/interactive music is available. For questions regarding technology (including microphones and software), please contact
• Video projection is available.

Submission Guidelines:
• All questions should be addressed to and not to the ensembles directly.
• Deadline: Submissions must be received by Friday, December 2, 2011.
• Submission Fee: $25 for one submission, $40 for two submissions, $55 for three submissions (if three submissions, one must be in category D – Electroacoustic).
• Submitters must be residents of BC, and automatically become members in good standing of Vancouver Pro Musica for one year without payment of dues.
• Works must have been composed by the submitter within the last three years.
• Composers are expected to attend their festival concert and be available to attend rehearsals as requested by the ensemble.
• If more works are submitted than can be performed, Vancouver Pro Musica will employ a panel of experienced composers to guide selection.

To encourage participation, Vancouver Pro Musica will reimburse actual travel expenses of up to $100 each for a limited number of BC composers living outside the lower mainland who have submitted works for Sonic Boom 2011. (Receipts required.)

The festival comprises five evening concerts highlighting the Ensemble in Residence, the Guest Artist, Electroacoustic Submissions, and General Submissions.

Announcement and Presentation of Works Selected
Vancouver Pro Musica will contact all the submitters by early 2012. Pro Musica wishes to be as inclusive as possible, but production costs, time constraints, and other practical concerns may require that not all submitters will have a work selected. Decisions of the panel will be final.

Composers who have works selected for presentation must be ready to provide all required performance materials including parts. Those whose works are presented will receive a modest honorarium and a recording of their work for non‐commercial demo purposes. All submitters, whether or not they have pieces chosen, will receive a complimentary festival pass for Sonic Boom 2012.

Schedule of Events*
Wednesday,    March 21, 2012 7:30pm,    TBD,    Electroacoustic Submissions
Thursday,    March 22, 2012 7:30pm,    St. Philip’s Anglican Church,    Vancouver Brass Project
Friday,    March 23, 2012 7:30pm,    St. Philip’s Anglican Church,    Michael Murray (organ)
Saturday,   March 24, 2012 7:30pm,    The Western Front,    General Submissions
Sunday,     March 25, 2012 7:30pm,    The Western Front,    General Submissions
*Subject to change. Please visit for updated information.

Include in Your Submission:
• Composer Bio* (150 words max.)
• Programme Notes* (150 words max.)
• Submission Fee ($25 for one work, $40 for two, $55 for three) as a cheque payable to Vancouver Pro Musica.
• Two copies of all scores and any desired supporting documentation. Please ensure ONE copy of each component is anonymous (ie. does not include your name or any other identifying features. This copy will be sent to a jury for selection if necessary.) Note that materials submitted will be returned only if claimed at the festival or if all necessary packaging has been provided, pre‐addressed and including postage.
• Completed Submission Form (submission forms can be downloaded (click here to download Submission Form) or from
• Any additional technical information or desired supporting material regarding your submission(s).
• Submissions must be received by Friday, December 2, 2011.

* Please also email an additional electronic version of your Composer Bio and Programme Note to:

Lean more about 2012 Sonic Boom Festival Call for Scores, please visit: or download a PDF here Sonic Boom 2012 Call for Scores


December 2, 2011