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A Blog for the British Columbia Region of the Canadian Music Centre (CMC) and the new music scene in BC.

The Creative Hub is both a virtual and real-life concept that helps the CMC expand its role as an active member of the arts community by offering a platform for collaboration, engagement and exploration of Canadian contemporary music.


Through outreach, workshops, performances and more, the CMC is making its Canadian music collections more accessible to everyone!

CMC BC Services and Opportunities

Centrevisits- An opportunity for anyone interested to book a guided tour of the CMC. Tours include tutorials for navigating the library and website, an introduction to archives and scores, and can be towards a specific need or interest. To book your tour, contact the CMC: bcregion [at] musiccentre.ca

Composer in the Classroom- The CMC brings Canada’s own composers to schools across BC to work collaboratively with students to create an original work to be performed by the school’s own choir, band or other music program.

Introductory Presentations- Interested parties can now request free guest presentations by  representatives of the CMC to serve as an introduction to the CMC and  Canadian concert music. Presentations may be designed to focus on certain topics to serve a specific need or interest. To schedule a presentation at your location, contact the CMC : bcregion [at] musiccentre.ca. If you wish to host a presentation from outside of the Lower Mainland, please be advised that a small fee for travel expenditures may apply.

The Score Reading Club- Everyone is welcome to attend this bi-monthly, afternoon presentation series exploring contemporary works by recognized composers with guest speakers from the music community.

Mentorship- An opportunity for emerging composers and performers specializing in contemporary music to meet with professionals in mentorship workshops focusing on a range of different topics hosted by the CMC.  Past workshops have included “The Pros and Cons of Writing for Film” with Associate Composer Michael Conway Baker, and “Is Copyright Dead? What is the Effect of the Internet on Concert Music? ” with industry professional Bob D’Eith.

CMC Archival Research & Dialogue- Projects lead by our Librarian with a team of researchers investigating the CMC collections and culminating in a special topics series of dialogues.

The CMC’s Performance Space- An opportunity for local performers to present Canadian, contemporary and other repertoire at the CMC’s intimate and comfortable performance space at no cost. Click here for  more information on booking the CMC Performance Space.

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